This section is to be followed if you are installing the Montage radiator and electric fan kit available through Manta Cars.

  1. Radiator:

    1. Using the dimensions already predetermined in the first section, Preparation Before Disassembly, position the radiator in the nose section as far toward the rear of the car as possible. These measurements will automatically give you the proper angle the radiator should be positioned in. Be sure to leave approximately a ‡" clearance between the body and the top of the radiator.

    2. With the radiator positioned, drill holes (2 on each side) for 5/16" bolts. Drill through the nose frame and the angle flange bracket provided on the radiator.

    3. Bolt into place.

    Radiator / Electric Fan Installation:

    Install the electric fan using the instructions provided by the fan manufacturer.

    Air Conditioning Condenser and Electric Fan Installation:

    1. Assemble the electric fan to the mounting bracket as called for by the A/C manufacturer. Then assemble to the A/C condenser core.

    2. Position complete unit in the nose of the chassis in front of the radiator, as close to the radiator as possible without touching. Also, position as far to the left side of the car as possible.
    Measure for the proper position. Leave approximately ‡" clearance between the top of the condenser core and the body.
    3. Drill 5/16" holes through nose frame and A/C condenser fan mount (left side); one on the top frame rail, one on the bottom frame rail.

    4. Bolt together.

    5. Fabricate a bracket to mount to the right side of the condenser core on the front side to extend forward to the front nose frame crossmember.

    6. Bolt bracket into place. (#10 machine screws work fine in the existing holes on the condenser core.)

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